• Solar power can help your home or business achieve both energy independence and maximum financial savings.

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  • CintoBlox provides advanced solar power solutions and high tech solar photovoltaic (PV) panels with maximum efficiency.

  • Reliable, Competent and Excellent Service. Solar Energy from one of South Africa's leading PV providers.

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Who Are We.

Since 2011 CintoBlox, a 100% Black Owned, has offered a wide range of technology services, from software development to BPM (business process management). This included our core of Research and Development as well as designing and building new technology platforms for local and foreign markets. In 2012 CintoBlox added "Smart Power Generation" to its portfolio, a division dedicated to improving energy efficiency in the commercial and residential sectors. Over the past 6 years we have installed over 100 renewable energy solutions. We will continue to embrace a brighter future with renewable energy and provide world class PV solutions to customers across the African continent.


In the same way that our human DNA differentiates each of us, shaping our talents and weaknesses, each organisation’s unique business strategy defines processes that are primed to either create value or destroy it. The efficacy of coordinated and integrated business processes is a direct result of the way your Strategy DNA is made tangible. Like the human body, if there are any flaws or imperfections within the Strategy (DNA), the end result will not be achieved.


Invent More... Our vision encompasses our passion to not only supply world class hardware and software solutions, but more importantly aid our clients in either becoming or sustaining a world class organisation. Through our highly skilled consultants we assist our clients in identifying key areas in their organisation that could potentially yield more significant results. By identifying these key areas and creating a medium by which they can be measured or monitored, our clients can align their business to its strategy, assisted by its unique software solutions.


At CintoBlox we create value through mapping your businesses strategic DNA and turning it into a customised software and hardware experience to support your business rather than constrain it. In other words, software that fulfils your business strategy. We evaluate your intangible business areas and move them into a tangible state, creating a stable software platform that collects data, directs decision making, and manages your internal business processes.


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Commercial and Industrial PV.

Whether your business is energy intensive or whether you trying to reduce your energy bill, hedging against upcoming Eskom tariff increases, or just trying to be more environmentally friendly, solar PV energy is the optimal way to go. Solar energy is now one of the cheapest forms of renewable energy and is now cheaper than other traditional energy sources such as coal and gas. Our high quality Solar PV systems will last over 25 years and with a ROI period of around 5-7 years or less, this is an extremely low risk, high reward investment.

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